Belodans glulam production

Financial and environmental

advantages from using Belodan’s glulam:

  • We are able to considerably minimize amount and type of knots on all 4 edges. We can do it because:
    • we scan the beams before cutting to eliminate black knots on long edges
    • lamellas are carefully sorted manually to ensure that there are no black knots and as few as possible sound knots on both long and wide edges

  • Belodan qualities are very consistent. Our customers receive the same quality level each and every time. In the long run this makes production easier and cheaper for our customers.

  • We can adjust our qualities to customers’ demands so different elements can be made in different qualities. Less visible parts can be made in lower and cheaper qualities.

  • Custom sizes save our customers the problem of optimizing of sawing big boards into smaller panels with high risk of defects on the edges. There will always be some area of a big board that can not be used, it will be wasted. This can be avoided by using custom-sized panels. In general big boards mostly are of lower quality than custom sizes.

  • Custom sizes mean fewer operations for the producer.

  • All Belodan knotted panels can be delivered FSCTM-certified.

  • Belodan edge-glued panels have a very low formaldehyde emission (regularly lab-certified).

  • All Belodan panels are made of beautiful Scandinavian pine.
Glulam production