Sustainable forest management

Sustainable forest management

is necessary if future generations are to benefit from the good qualities of wood.


fscIt is care for human beings, nature and the environment which really matters. It is important to create a balance between these factors, if we, also tomorrow, are to be able to make products of the finest materials the nature has to offer - for the benefit of all our senses.


To ensure that the wood that we use live up to the consumer demands as regards to responsibility and sustainability, our company is FSC™ certified.

This means that all our pinewood products (knotted pine) can be delivered FSC certified.


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”The FSC Certification ensures that no more wood is felled than the forest can reproduce itself. At the same time, FSC guarantees that animals and flora are protected, and that the forest workers are ensured education, safety equipment and well-regulated wages.” (FSC Denmark)